Core Competence

● Flexible customization perfectly fits various professional needs.


● 20+ years experiences in computing ODM business, such as system or component designs, project management, operations and logistics for world-class enterprises.


● Strong and healthy finance support from Getac Technology Corp and Mitac Synnex Business Group.


● Focus on industrial business model rooted in vertical markets: small-volume & high-product-mix operations , promising continuous of supply (5 years), quality-reliability-stability driven.


● Highly vertical integration from technology research, technology development & implementation, project design & development, test & qualification, manufacturing to logistics.

*TQRCDS : Technology, Quality, Response, Cost, Delivery, Service


● More than a manufacturer but a design & technology service provider:

Getac (Optoelectronics Product Business Center) has made several technology breakthroughs over the last two decades, such as

1.Industrial leading sunlight readable panel technology, QuadraClear™ (MIL-L-85762A compliant)
2.Night Vision without ND filter (MIL-STD-3009 compliant)
3.The industrial’s first resistive multi-touch screen industrial computing solutions
4. LumiBond™(Optical direct bonding technology)
5.Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Panel (PCTSP) Module, Unaffected by Water, Works with Gloved and Ungloved Fingers


● Market references or customer recognitions:

Since 2009 till 2012, Getac optoelectronics product business union has,
- developed 188 projects*
- shipped 551,748 units*
- served 100+ customers* world-wide
- marketed various industries

* Include Getac own brand and ODM customers’ cases


● Familiar with the domain knowledge of vertical/industrial markets, with hundreds of success cases (see below snapshots taken at customer-ends ); providing market analysis and trend in depths for customers to promote planned solutions in target segments.