PCTSP Module

OCR Bonding OEM for PCTSP

Advantages such as superior laminating results, high transparency, superior production flexibility, superior heavy industry. Cover Glass to Sensor Glass;w/ Glue Thickness : 0.15 mm


Product conception

3C product, such as iPhone, iPad, iPad-like, Multi-media


*OCR:Optical Clear Resin

*PCTSP:Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

PCTSP Module

    1. Provides one stop service, including touch panel design and manufacturing processes, IC integration, FPC bonding, water-based adhesive lamination, and complete testing services not only increasing product yield rate but also effectively reducing professional development time.

    2. Possesses customized design capabilities, to satisfy the various needs of client specifications.

    3. Possesses optoelectronic and mechanism design capabilities, to assist the client in integrating the system and optoelectronic touch modules.

    4.  Possesses touch technology IC firmware support capabilities, to assist the client in creating the most effective integration pairing and calibration between the system-side and touch module side. 

    5. Provides high quality ITO SG.


    6. Provide best-fit demand for niche market, such as projected capacitive touch screen panel (PCTSP) module, which is unaffected by water and works with gloved and ungloved fingers.