OCR Bonding OEM for LCM Combined PCTSP Module

    LCM combined Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Panel module which is bonded between LCM and touch screen ; Glue Thickness : 0.3 mm.


Product conception

Indoor/outdoor signage/display/monitor, notebook/NetBook, AIO, convertible PC..etc.


*OCR:Optical Clear Resin

*PCTSP:Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Panel




What's advantage ?

1. Better Sunlight Readability - Display clearly to be seen outdoors & under strong sun-light.


2. Better Brightness ( Brightness 8% up).


3. Display more clear to be seen under all circumstances.


4. Better Effective Contrast Ratio.


5. More Crispy Colors, more vivid images.


6. Better Viewing Angle.


7. Enhance the physical strength of the LCD panel and touch screen assembly, in the way of enduring larger direct impact on the Screen and Shock/Drop/Vibration Resistance , due to the solid Bonding material between LCD and T/S.


8. Eliminate the possibility of condensation between LCD panel and touch screen, enhancing readability in Outdoor Applications.



Display Design Without Bezel vs. Display Design with Bezel


Bonding the cover glass to the LCK area only, Inside the frame of the original LCD.



Bonding the cover glass to all or part of the Front bezel of the original LCD as well as the Full LCD front surface.


Bonding the larger cover glass to all or part of the front bezel of the original LCD as well as the full LCD front surface.