Company Introduction

Getac Technology Corporation is an important subsidiary of the Mitac-Synnex Group established in 1989.  It is a listed company in Taiwan, Taiwan’s third largest computer group, and posted revenue of $25.5 billion USD in 2012.


Getac’s primary operations include 4 business units:

1. Rugged computing solutions.

2. Plastic and lightweight metal mechanical parts and components.

3. Optoelectronic and touch product technology application.

4. Power management solutions.



Of these, Optoelectronic Products Bussiness Center (OPBC) possesses a number of technologies and solutions, for example: industry leading sunlight readable QuadraClear® technology, no external NVIS filter night vision technology, Lumi Bond™ (direct optical bonding) with liquid-based adhesives, applications covering projected capacitive touch modules, sunlight readable projected capacitive touch modules, 3D panel modules, and being the first to announce the world’s first rugged computer solution with a resistive multi-touch screen.
Over the years, Getac has upheld the business development ideal of innovative technology, integrated key technologies, and has successfully developed five primary sales areas (including design and manufacturing):

  • 1.  Sunlight Readable (SR) Resistive Touch Screen Panel (RTSP) Module.
  • 2.  LCM Plus Resistive Touch Screen Panel (RTSP) Module.
  • 3.  Industrial High Brightness (HB) Backlight Module (BLM).
  • 4.  OCR Bonding OEM for LCM Combined PCTSP Module (Equipped with Getac Direct Bonding between LCM and Touch Screen Panel) .
  • 5.  Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Panel (PCTSP) Module, Unaffected by Water, Works with Gloved and Ungloved Fingers.


In order to comprehensively increase manufacturing efficiency, Getac has introduced automated system process companies to a small number of domestic manufacturers to raise quality and reduce heavy industry. The solutions that were provided have already led to many successes in a variety of fields and markets:

The consumer applications market (tablet PCs, GPS, smart phones, etc.), public facilities, on-site field service, governmental, public safety, manufacturing, transportation/distribution, field sales, emergency medical services, professional services, decision support databases/mobile sales, retail stores, medical equipment, vehicle multimedia, etc.